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Home Inspections


The Home Inspector

You should consider having any home you are thinking of buying inspected by a knowledgeable and professional inspector.

The home inspector's role is to inform you on the property's condition. He will tell you if something is not functioning properly, needs to be changed or is unsafe. You will also be informed of repairs that need to be done and he/she may even be able to tell you where there may have been problems in the past.

Every inspection should include an evaluation of at least the following:


                  Doors and windows

                  Roof and exterior walls


                  Plumbing and electrical systems

                  Heating and air conditioning systems

                  Ceilings, walls and floors



                  Septic tanks, wells or sewer lines

                  Any other buildings such as a detached garage

                  The lot, including drainage away from buildings, slopes and natural


                  Overall opinion of structural integrity of the buildings

                  Common areas (in the case of a condominium or co-operative)

There is presently no uniform certification and no requirement for home inspectors to take any courses or to have passed any tests. Anyone can say that they are a home inspector. However, a good home and property inspector generally belongs to a provincial or industry association such as the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors at http://www.cahi.ca

Home inspector fees are approximately $400 + HST ( depending on the location, size and condition of the home etc.)

Cobourg - Port Hope Area Registered Home Inspectors


Dave Harden - Harden Home Inspections - 905-885-0110 



Greg Kendall - O'Neill Home Inspections - 905-800-0968



David Smith - Pillar to post Home Inspections - 613-567-7678 



Mike O'Grady - Registered Home Inspector - 905-342-3933




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